Människor i en sal: vid en stor skärm; läsande på en sittrappa, studerande vid bord.
Foto: Johan Stigholt.

Salongen is the City Museum’s library and research room. Here you can find information about Stockholm's history, present and future.

The Salongen on floor 1 is the place for anyone who wants to learn more about Stockholm’s history. Visitors young and old alike can conduct their own research, whether professionally or privately. Books can be read on-site in our reference library. Please note that most books are in Swedish. 

You can explore maps and pictures and get help to find in the city’s various archives. The Salongen has several seats and you can connect to free Wi-Fi via the Stockholm Public network.


The Salongen follows the museum’s opening hours and is staffed on working days:

Tuesday 2—8pm
Wednesday 2—5pm
Thursday 2—5pm

Opening hours

Contact us

If you have questions about Stockholm, the city’s history and buildings, you can contact us at Salongen. Call us on telephone number 08-508 316 20 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 2—5pm.

You can also send your questions by email to

If you are researching an individual who has lived in Stockholm, we recommend that you visit Stadsarkivet — the Stockholm City Archives. 

Stockholm City Archives (Stadsarkivet) website

Meet a building antiquarian

We give you advice on how to preserve cultural-historical values ​​during renovation or remodeling and explain how classifications are made. The session is about 15 minutes depending on the number of visitors waiting.

Are you going to renovate or rebuild your property? Then it is important to know the history of the house, how it has looked and how it has changed and what cultural history values ​​and qualities are worth taking advantage of. In the Salon, you have the opportunity to consult with the City Museum’s building antiquaries.

Are you curious about why a building, a park or a bridge is classified yellow, green or blue in the city’s cultural-historical classification map? In the Salongen, the City Museum’s building antiquaries answer questions about cultural-historical value, how the valuation is made and which laws apply.

Meet a building antiquarian (Träffa en byggnadsantikvarie)