Coming: Collective Strings

En pojke står bland mångfärgade snören.
Foto: Christian Brems.

Join in the City Museum’s participatory performance installation — Collective Strings.

June 14—19, 2022
City Museum courtyard, free admission

Tuesday—Sunday 11am—4:30pm
Tuesday, Thursday 11am—7:30pm

The Danish performance artist Karoline H Larsen invites people living in Stockholm and visitors to take part in the collective making of an art piece.

The art piece is about movement and connections in public spaces and is open to participants of all ages! Thrown into the air, the strings made of recycled cotton t-shirts, will form a patterns and new spaces across the City Museum’s court yard.

After taking down installation all yarn is given away and reused by local organisers.

In collaboration with Stockholm Konst