Angelica Elliott’s Rågsved

En ensam man går vid en tom parkeringsplats.

In her pictures, Angelica Elliott reflects her community Rågsved. Everyday life, environments and friends are portrayed lovingly and personally in both color and black and white.

September 17, 2022—January 15, 2023
Tunnvalvet, floor 0. Free admission

Lennart af Petersens Prize 2021

Angelica Elliott is the 2021 recipient of the Lennart af Petersen Prize. It was established in 2003 and is the Stockholm City’s photo prize in the name of photographer Lennart af Petersens. The prize is intended to reward a photographer who in a personal and artistic way tells something significant about the city as a living environment. The prize money is SEK 100,000 and the prize winner will also have the opportunity to exhibit his or her works at the City Museum.

Motivation of the jury:

“In her photos from Rågsved, south of Stockholm, the photographer Angelica Elliott has in a deeply personal way reflected everyday life, the environments and friends in her hometown. Elliott works in a strong tradition in Swedish photography, which based on a documentary approach creates subjective and artistic projects in both color and black and white.”

Lennart af Petersens Prize (In Swedish)

My Rågsved

“I needed to move, start again. It was seven years ago, after a traumatic loss. My new home became Rågsved, south of Stockholm. I started taking photographs of my everyday life, my friends and people who live here. I wanted to get to know the place — and myself again. I have grown very attached to and formed a deep love for this neighbourhood. I have found a kind of community and an honesty that makes me feel safe. It is my home.”

Analog photography

Angelica Elliott has always photographed analog, with film development and copying in darkrooms:

— I already have the finished image ready in my head and do not have to see it directly in the camera when I shoot. In addition, I appreciate the slow development and copying process that comes with working analog, it becomes almost like a form of meditation.

Photo in focus, artist talk

Saturday October 1 at 3—3.30pm
In the exhibition, floor 0. Free admission

Photo in Focus (In Swedish)