Temporary exhibitions

Five choirs perform their own salutes to Stockholm • We visit Östberga, a district of Söderort that is now facing major changes.

Stockholm Choirs

April 27–January 31, 2020. Floor 3

The Tigris Birds. Photo: Gustav Bergmark.

There is something special, almost magical, about choral singing. When disparate voices come together to sing, they create a unique sound. Each voice has its own special quality but together with the other members of the choir it creates a common timbre.

Stockholm is home to many different kinds of choir; some composed of professional singers, other of enthusiastic amateurs. Some sing soul, others classical or folk. Some of them stand still when they sing, while others dance. Some are church choirs, others political. Sometimes the singers are the same age or gender but just as often their ages are as shifting as their gender. They do have one thing in common however — their love of music. In this exhibition we meet five choirs from Stockholm:

Tigris Birds is an all-female choir that promotes the musical heritage of Iraq. Tigris Birds sings in both Arabic and Swedish with a clear message about human rights. The choir was founded in 2008.

The Hjorthagen Chamber Choir is a mixed choir composed of experienced singers. Their repertoire encompasses both traditional and newly composed choral music and the main stage is Hjorthagen Church. The choir was founded in 2016.

The Stockholm Gay Choir is a gathering of gay, bisexual and transsexual men who are all keen singers and who want to develop together musically while creating a strong group identity. The choir was founded in 1982.

Sounding Joy is a mixed gospel choir, although they also perform secular music. As the name implies, it is the pure joy of music that steers their repertoire and performances. The choir was founded in 1999.

Rösten från det blå (Voices From the Blue) is a mixed choir of professional musicians who bring great feeling to their renditions of their own and other people’s songs. The choir does not use sheet music, all songs are learnt by ear. The choir was founded in 2013. 

Östberga, Östberga

April 27—November 10, 2019. Floor 0

People, events and history

Skeletal remains in Luffarskogen. A building known as the Elephant House. The grill lit each Friday on the town square. A country road dating from the middle ages that snakes through the area. Who is the AIK Mum, and why was there so much graffiti here once upon a time?

The På plats i Östberga (On-site Östberga) started as a project to document everyday life in and around Stamgatan and Östbergahöjden in south Stockholm. We met at handicraft courses, film evenings, storytelling cafés, playdays and photo meetings.

Östberga told its story and the Stockholm City Museum listened. Here, you will find a selection of the stories we gathered and that will become a part of the city’s collective memory. Welcome to Östberga!