Use of images

From April 1, 2020 onwards.

Photo credits

The photographer’s name and a reference to the City Museum of Stockholm must either accompany any published image or be cited on a separate list of images. In the case of artwork, the artist’s name must alsobe included.

Your responsibility when publishing

An image may not be used in any way that might offend its originator or any person depicted. Neither may an image be altered in any way that might offend its originator.

The purchaser must also obtain any necessary permission for the use o fan image, in each separate case, from the originator or copyright holder, for example when reproducing any type of artistic work.

Reference copy

It is desirable for a copy of the publication to be donated to the City Museum library. Usually publications will be registered in the museum library catalogue and LIBRIS, the catalogue of the National Library of Sweden.

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Commercial use and integrity

According to the Act on Names and Pictures in Advertising (1978:800), any person who can be identified in a photograph must themselves grant permission for their image to be used for advertising purposes. Responsibility here lies solely with the publisher of the image. Other applicable laws are the Act on Copyright in Literary and Artistic Works (1960:729; 2005:359; 2005:360) and the Personal Data Act (1998:204; 2006:398).