The Collections – objects, art and photos

We are responsible for preserving some 300,000 items of historical interest: 20,000 works of art, 3,000 oil paintings, 3 million photographs and a comprehensive library and archive.

The collections are the museum’s most important resource. They contain a material heritage from earlier times in Stockholm. They give us a perspective on the city’s complex history and are an indispensable source of knowledge.

Part of the museum's brief is to make the collections available to people who want to learn from them. The collections are divided into archive materials, books, photographs, art and physical objects.

The most important entry-point to the collections is the Salongen library and research room at the museum and the various displays and branches of the museum.



The museum has been collecting photographs with Stockholm connections since the 1930s. The collection contains some 3 million negatives, glass plates and other photographic materials. The oldest photographs date back to the 1840s.

Digital database

You may explore among our photographs at Digitala Stadsmuseet, which is our digital database (in Swedish).

Digitala Stadsmuseet website

Image orders

The City Museum has its own production department for the production of photographs from the museum's collections.

Image orders