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Två personer ser på en datorskärm.

Contact us if you have questions about Stockholm and the city’s history and buildings. We also assist you with orders of photographs from our collections.

You can find lots of information about Stockholm, about literature, art and events. We help you to search databases and orders of photographs from our collections.

You can also contact us about building-related issues like building care, such as the staircase in your house, or a city planning case.

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Digitala Stadsmuseet 
Digital collections of the Stockholm City Museum. In Swedish.

Facts about the history of Stockholm. In Swedish.


Salongen on floor 1 is the City Museum’s library and research room. Here you can find information about Stockholm's history, present and future. You can also meet a building antiquarian and get advice on how to preserve cultural-historical values when renovating or remodelling your house.