Documentation and how we process your personal data

The Stockholm City Museum falls under the authority of the Cultural Committee. Our tasks include to preserve, animate and disseminate the heritage of the city for present and future generations. The museum uses contemporary documentation as one technique for recording and preserving what happens in society today. This involves ethnographic methods such as interviews, photography and participatory observation to record activities, thoughts, experiences and opinions in contemporary society.

All material such as films, sound recordings, texts and photos are archived by the City Museum, to be accessible for present and future generations. It can also be disposed of in line with relevant legislation or disposal policies. The material may also be used in the museum’s exhibitions, publications and advertising.

We collect material according to the legitimate interest provision of GDPR. This material may include personal and confidential information. The museum processes your personal data in line with current legislation. Personal data comprises any type of information that can be linked to a living individual. This includes films, sound recordings, texts and photos by which an individual can be identified. You have the right to ask us what data we hold on you, to delete your personal data, to make a correction, or to restrict the processing of your personal data. Contact the registrar at or email the data protection officer at

We do not pay participants for taking part.

Are you in the picture on our web pages?

Have we published a photograph in which you participate? If you want us to remove it, please contact us! This also applies if you have previously given your consent but then changed your mind.

Send us an email with information about where you saw the picture. The easiest way is to copy the page’s URL and paste it into the email. If possible, please attach a copy of the picture or a screenshot where the photo is visible!