Asplund’s masterpiece: Stockholm City Library

Friday, September 15


Guide: Eva Larsson

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Sveavägen, central Stockholm

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Now open for tours: one of Stockholm’s architectural gems, Gunnar Asplund’s City Library.

The City Library at Sveavägen opened in 1928 and quickly became an architectural icon.

Asplund was in the midst of planning the building just as a new architectural style, the Modernism was rising; here we can see traces in the transition from the earlier styles national Romanticism and Neoclassicism.

Asplund also paid great attention to the interior and designed furniture, lamps and even the reception area. He also worked closely together with several prominent artists to create the atmosphere that still prevails in the building.

During this tour you will discover details in and around the building and get an understanding for how they interact throughout the large scale of the building and the reason it has remained a masterpiece for nearly 100 years.

Tour guides (info at the date section): Eva Larsson, Architectural curator; Petra Adolfsson, Ethnologist/Art historian

Guided tours summer 2017

Every Friday June—September (except June 23):
in English 2—3.30pm
in Swedish 4—5.30pm

I cooperation with the Stockholm City Library

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