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The information and booking service is closed April 24

The City Museum information and booking service is closed on Monday April 24, but you can contact us via mail to


Stockholm City Museum
PO Box 150 25
SE-104 65 Stockholm, Sweden

Organization and Contact

The City Museum is, together with The Museum of MedievalStockholm and the Stockholmia Publishing House, a part of the Stockholm Culture Administration.

Director of the museum

Mrs. Ann-Charlotte Backlund, City Conservation Director

The Digital Museum

Mrs. Sara Claesson, Acting Manager

Collections — objects, art and photos

Mrs. Gunilla Rehnström-Ohlander, Manager


Mr. Hans Öjmyr, PhD, Manager

Learning and the Documentary Room

Mrs. Tina Rodhe, Manager

Cultural Heritage Department

Mrs. Kersti Lilja, Acting Manager

Documentation and Archaeology

Mrs. Anna Ulfstrand, Manager

Communications, events and city walks

Mrs. Sara Claesson, Head of Communications